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Fish info, nutrition, a recipe, and even some arguments and a little sass.

Isn’t everyone always telling you should eat more fish? And then someone else cuts in and informs you that the world is over-fished and that by eating fish you are not only ruining the sea’s food chain and murdering dolphins, but you are also exposing yourself and the ones you love to dangerous levels of mercury. I bet you are.

So let’s open this entry with a little primer–as I know it–on how to responsibly eat fish. Really, I’m just going to point you to a few sources. But here’s the deal: the world is in danger of over-fishing; plenty of sea creatures are slaughtered for naught with irresponsible fishing practices; and plenty of fish is indeed laced with ill-making mercury. What’s a girl or boy to do? First off, check with your can of tuna or…

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