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photo(42) We don’t like to abandon smoothies in the wintertime, even though some of you in the north might think we’re nuts. (Yes, I understand that an icy drink might not sit well in your heavily mittened hands as you stand shivering at the bus stop.) But as my husband keeps making his same old standby of berries and orange juice (I try to get him to use yogurt and milk, too, even if he won’t use nuts or nut butter), not only are the kids getting sick of it, but I am feeling seasonally disoriented. I didn’t grow up eating to the season, but I find that my body still likes it that way. So if I’m going to flaunt my southern status by whipping up a smoothie for breakfast (as well as some of you northern home-bodies, perhaps?), I want it to feature good, old-fashioned, winter ingredients.

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the starving artist

Occasionally, in the life of a writer, your job demands that you curl up in the fetal position and bawl your eyes out. Maybe it’s only happened to me once, but I’m pretty sure it’s not the last time.

You see, because I have only been a part-time writer (and full-time mom with a double-full-time husband), it has taken me way longer than ever imagined to finish my first book. In all honesty, I feel like the once-every-year-or-two kind of full-time author, but marriage, motherhood, even poverty, have relegated my first passion to the back burner, the crowded cubbies of my life. That said, a year and a half ago I put the last word on the rough draft of the first novel I decided to concentrate on. (I actually have several more in the works, as well as finished articles, poetry, and even a short story). Then I started…

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