I Self-Published: What Next? A Guest Post from Devon Trevarrow Flaherty

I Self-Published: What Next? A Guest Post from Devon Trevarrow Flaherty.


And the Winner Is…

the starving artist


Aviary parisbookfestival-com Picture 1That’s right, folks. The Paris Book Festival has posted their annual competition results and I have taken an honorable mention in the General Fiction category. Thank you, thank you very much. I would like to thank all you little people who have helped me get where I am…

Now, the award will only be as good as what I can do with it. If I were the grand prize winner, I would be on a plane to Paris. As it were, I will have to settle with knowing they will be mentioning me in Paris sometime in the next month, at the ceremony, and I will very cooly and casually not be present to accept it. So I will just have to take the acknowledgment and plaster it wherever I can. Cause that’s what you do with an award like this. Milk it.

And bask in the glory a…

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