What I Learned From a Sprained Spine

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the starving artist

I am no stranger to the forced pause.

I am a migraine patient (aka migraneur) and have been since I was five years old. I have what used to be called classic migraine, which means my symptoms include blindness or partial blindness, confusion, disrupted speech, etc. on top of the usual pain, nausea, sensitivity to light and noise, etc. At times in my childhood, I got migraines multiple times per week. My longest was 72 hours. When pregnant, both times, I had a sort of migraine fit, where I spent a long month in and out of a migraine stupor. I have often been amazed that, before kids, I could keep a job, and since kids, I have done a decent job raising them. As far as the migraines go, the kids have learned to make do, same as me.

Add to that the ADHD Inattentive Type and my general…

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Top Ten: Help Yourself

the starving artist

Have you managed any New Year’s Resolutions, yet? Are any of them writing-related? I, for example, have goals to write my business plan, to read and review more than 40 books, to publish two of my novels, edit another for Owl and Zebra, and win at NaNoWriMo 2014. Which brings up my first point of the blog entry: don’t bother keeping up with the Joneses (or, in the writing world, with the Kings). And I’ll tell you why: much of the time, the Joneses are headed where you don’t want to head, anyway, or they’re faking it. You aren’t the Joneses. So why the big leap from my resolutions to the Joneses? I just want you to calm down, that’s all. Stop making other people’s goals and stop making yourself feel bad. Truth is, most of us don’t even meet our own resolutions and yet we are much more likely…

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