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Movie Review: Authors Anonymous

the starving artist

First things first: The Starving Artist has passed 100 posts and 800 followers! Also, we have passed one of the great, blog-tipping-points where–after a year and a half–the blog finally has its own momentum and we get actual comments (maybe some Shares, Tweets, Likes) on every post. Woo-hoo! Now, if I can only usher it wisely, and make sure to keep the good content rolling, I should be able to hold the blog above this threshold.

Now for a writing-related movie review. For once, the movie I am reviewing is not a great-book-into-movie, but a movie about writing. Unfortunately, it’s not a great one. For all the books about writers (probably too many, actually), there don’t seem to be nearly as many excellent or relevant movies about writers or the writing life. In fact, if you could make a superb fictional movie about a modern, self-pubbed writer, it would be 

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