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My wife’s publishing co’s kickstarter campaign on!

sandra danby

American author Devon Trevarrow Flaherty [below] is not sitting around thinking about getting her next books into print. She’s doing something about it by running a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to publish her next three books. Authors are increasingly using crowdfunding as a new route to a published book, so this is a new route to market being carefully watched by the publishing industry. Devon Trevarrow Flaherty 23-10-14The deadline to contribute to Devon’s Kickstarter campaign [below] is November 5. As well as knowing they are supporting an author, each supporter will receive a benefit depending on the amount pledged. For example, a pledge of $25 equals a free e-book. A pledge of $5,000 equals an air hug, plus a character named after you and the three e-books. The minimum pledge is $1. Owl and Zebra Press - the 3 books 23-10-14The Night of One Hundred Thieves, the first of the three books, is ready to print as soon as the…

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Writers Is Writers

the starving artist

Recently I witnessed a most miraculous transformation, as a self-proclaimed political poet showed up to a local reading group and read what was his “first attempt” at a short story. It was so decent (read: better than decent) that I was further in awe when he shared offhandedly that it was completely not autobiographical. Besides complementing this man in a roundabout way, I use this experience to segue-way into an interview with a musician.

Makes perfect sense, right?

DAVID B DOLLARThe truth is, what I really want to do is introduce you to Durham artist David B. Dollar’s music. And tell you he has a new EP, which was released this week. What I don’t want to do is plug the new music without giving you what The Starving Artist consistently brings you: blogs about writing, reading, and publishing. Period. So we’re going to make this interesting and more than relevant.


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